MC SILies: Stacking Arch Bezel Wire By Wanaree Tanner

Complimentary stacking arched bezel design for beautiful stone setting.

These Arched Bezel wire can be used together or individually for a beautiful effect on your precious and semi-precious stones and components.

Stacking Arched Bezel Wire by Wanaree Tanner

Arched on at the top and bottom, this set will ad a softness to your stone setting. Use pierced bezel to leave a window to your stones, combine them together or use the solid Arch Bezel to show off your appliqué work. Directions for how to resize the design and calibrate to your stones in embedded into the design plate. After downloading, open your Silhouette Studio software and select open. You should find this in your "Download" file.

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USD 5.99

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